Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is used to install conduit and pipes underground to accommodate utility networks such as fibre optical, copper cabling. This method causes minimal disturbance to the surface area. It is typically used to cross under roads, creeks driveways or any environmentally sensitive area. As there is minimal disturbance or excavation required it can be extremely cost effective, often requiring far less restoration than other installation methods.

Underground Civil Solutions has two directional drills used to carry out this specialised work. A Ditch Witch JT3020 All Terrain which is suited for rock drilling and a Vermeer 20/22 suited for tight spaces. Both directional drills are supported by mixing systems and vacuum trucks.

Our drill teams are led by our highly skilled team leaders and operators with many years industry experience to ensure all projects are managed to an exceptionally high standard.